Staking & Yield Farming

Step By Step Guide to Stake & Mine – Double Earnings

Please Login and connect your wallet first – preferably metamask or trust wallet.

✅ Go to our Fiat exchange page to buy BUSD or BNB with your local/fiat currency. BUSD is almost the equivalent of US Dollars

✅ Then, exchange/swap your BUSD or BNB for NAIJA token here. Better to exchange it for liquidity than swap – more earnings

✅ You may use other Exchanges (DEXes) like Pancake Swap, Dex Guru, Dextools to swap your BUSD or BNB to NAIJA Token

✅ Use your NAIJA token to stake on this page.

✅ Once you stake NAIJA, you earn additional OTUTU token while your NAIJA price rises – Double earnings

✅ You are free to stop/harvest your stake at any time.

✅ You can also reduce or increase the NAIJA token staked at any time – It is an open market with no restrictions 😂

✅ The token address of NAIJA is 0xda7e13d0358ffcd74aa975822a0ad22c84b24491 while the token address of OTUTU is 0x0C8F1527C3112130C4020cdcDBe21Ba02c3BB187.

✅ Check the charts on various DEXES i.e.

a) – For NAIJA Token
b) – For OTUTU Token

🔥 Unlike other Staking – You may harvest daily and receive your OTUTU token daily in your wallet 🔥

Stake, relax and watch your money grow and watch your funds work for you 🕺

120 Days Staking & Farming

10% APY – 120 Days.

240 Days Staking & Farming

15% APY – 240 Days

360 Days Staking & Farming

20% APY – 360 Days.

480 Days Staking & Farming

25% APY – 480 Days.

600 Days Staking & Farming

30% APY – 600 Days.

720 Days Staking & Farming

35% APY – 720 Days.

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